Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Bad Snack

Morning (1st thing) Exercise: 25 minutes cycling on roller. 10 minute warmup, 10 minutes of 1 minute sprint/rest intervals, 5 minute cool down. Warmup , rest in-between sprints and cool down between 90-100 cadence, sprints between 125-135 cadence.

Calories consumed: 2975 (one bad snack was 330 calories! Good learning experience, tho. Take that away and I'm close to my goal!)

DQS: 21 (again, take out the -2 for the bad snack and I'm at 23, my goal range).

Evening exercise: 65 minutes of pool drills. 1,800 meters total.

Bomber: 10 back rolls to welcome me home after swimming.

Good night!

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