Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Perfect Morning!!

Above: We, Goro-kun and myself, started climbing at 00:45 (12:45am) with the goal of reaching the summit of Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido, by sunrise.

Below: The moon (above Goro-kun) came out around 02:00 and stayed with us the rest of the climb. We are getting closer to the summit here and are wondering if we will make it in time for the sunrise.

Below: We reached the summit post at 04:40 and when I went to touch it, the sun came up. The timing couldn't have been any better!!

Goro (above) and I (below) then took pictures of each other at the top with the sunrise behind!

We then took a few goofy/funny pictures of each other using the sun as a prop. Again, Goro above with the sun in his hand and me below looking to have myself a spicy meatball for breakfast.

Below: I took a 360 degree panorama shot from the top. Click on the images to enlarge. クリックすると拡大できます

Above: It then came time to ski down and the snow on the back/north side of Asahidake was surprisingly nice! Here is Goro-kun skiing with our friend, the moon, behind him.

Below: After over 5 hours of fun (almost 4 hours climbing, 30 minutes hanging at the top and then about 30 minutes skiing down), we reached the bottom just when everything started to become light and a few day skiers started to show up. After driving the 30 minutes back to downtown Higashikawa, Goro-kun took a power nap for a few hours before opening up his cafe, Nomad. I took a quick shower and headed off to "Parents Day" at work. I'll get my power nap in this afternoon....

As the title says, this was a PERFECT morning, amazing timing of reaching the summit and absolutely wonderful weather and views all along the way. Thank you, Mother Nature!!