Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catching Up - Part II - Data

Saturday, April 14th:
Exercise: 4 hour climb and 30 minute ski.
Calories Consumed: 3619*
DQS: 17

Sunday, April 15th:
Exercise: 1800 swim (200 meters x 9)
Calories consumed: 2402

Monday, April 16th:

Exercise: 2+ hour climb, 30 minute ski and 30 minute traverse out.
Calories consumed: 2590
DQS: 21

Tuesday, April 17th:

Exercise: 40 minute (OUTSIDE) bike ride and 70 minute swim session (1500 meters) of drills.
Calories consumed: 2701***
DQS: 24

* The massive calorie consumption on Saturday was mostly due to the 2 extra naan bread pieces I had a lunch, plus all the snacks I had during the overnight climb and afterwards...because I was tired and I tend to eat when I'm tired to stay awake. Not a good habit that I need to monitor much closer and find more alternatives to fighting off drowsiness. BTW, eating doesn't help fight the drowsiness, but just pauses it while I'm stuffing my face. It doesn't matter if the food is healthy or not, the calories add up....

** The low DQS on Sunday was mainly due to the bread only breakfast, as well as all the relatively unhealthy snacking I was doing at the swim event.

*** While 2701 isn't a super high score, I did weigh myself twice over the weekend and I saw virtually no change in my weight on Monday and actually a slight gain in my weight on Tuesday. Of course, timing of the weighing and the different scales all pay tribute to the different figures, but it got me thinking just the same. Basically, I believe that I need to become stronger mentally and just plain eat less. Like I said above, it doesn't matter if I'm eating healthier. Well, it does matter, BUT not if I'm looking to lose weight which is what I'm trying to do over the next 4 1/2 months. For the next week plus, I'm going to try to keep my DQS above 23 and eat less than 2250 calories/day while doing the same, or slightly increasing, my daily exercise.

Summary: I've never tracked calorie intake this much before in all of my life. While it's making me feel more guilty every time I eat something that I probably shouldn't, it's really raising the awareness of where I am health wise and how I got here. Since I was young and probably through all of my 20's, I didn't have to worry about what I ate because my lifestyle and metabolism balanced everything out. In my 30's, I ignored the metabolism changes while becoming less active at the same time. While I stayed more active than probably the average person, I still ate and drank way too much and; consequently, the pounds/kilograms were put on....or, worse, were put in different places on my body. Now, thanks to the efforts over the last few weeks and months, I FINALLY get it. Today, I made yet another hole in my belt (the 4th one since last September). I've gone down 6 kg's in weight, but my waste has shrunk 5 belt holes which is a much better measurement than weight. When I look in the mirror, I am often encouraged by what I see. It's been a long time since I felt that way. Progress is being made. It's slow on the scale, but that's because of both the amount of calories I'm consuming (see "notes" above), but more so because of the transformation from fat to muscle, I believe. Much more works needs to be done and while I mentioned I'm encouraged at what I see in the mirror, it only makes me realize that I am about halfway of where I want to go and it gets me excited at where I'll be in 4.5 months from now!!

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