Friday, April 27, 2012

Toby's Crazy Adventure

Yesterday, I stretched the envelope and I'm happy to say I feel good about the results. First, I'll give you the data: Exercise: 1) 40 minute (19km) bicycle to work in the morning. Cadence kept between 95-100 most of the way. The two hills were easier than last year. A good sign!! 2) A 3+ hour (52km) adventure of cycling and carrying my bicycle through snow on the way home. 682 meters of climbing (bike and hike) and, according to my fitness app, I burned over 3,200 calories during these 3 hours alone. More on this below. 3) 60 minutes of swim drills. Calories consumed: 2,886 (low when you consider how much I e revised). DQS: 24 (a good number, especially with 2,886 calories) The bike ride home was supposed to be about 40km and around 2 hours. However, the road between 21seikinomori and Higashikawa was covered with snow whereas the road that continues to Chubetsu Lake appeared clear of snow. However, 5km from the lake, I encountered snow and had to make a very quick and difficult decision. Turn around and get home in about 1 1/2 ~ 2 hours OR continue forward and hope the snow clears again. I chose to go forward. The snow got worse (deeper) and I ended up walking almost the entire 5km with the last 15 minutes in the dark. I whistled loudly the entire time to let the bears know I was there (a startled bear is an angry bear) and ran into a herd of about a dozen dear at one point. Needless to say, I survived and with just enough time to eat a very quick dinner before swim practice. The combination of the cycling, hiking (while carrying my bike) and swim was a great training day for the upcoming Sea to Summit races. While both hamstrings cramped at one point during my swim session, I felt/feel pretty good. My left shoulder is bruised from carrying my bike, but I feel relatively good otherwise. I think the Sunday experience on the mountain prepared me well for yesterday. The key now will be to continue to do hard training like this while making sure the body gets the rest/recovery it needs to get stronger each time. Therefore, today will be a rest day with another weekend of hard workouts being planned! Have a great Golden Week everyone!! (Note: I didn't proofread the above so my apologies for spelling/grammar mistakes)

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