Monday, April 23, 2012

A very long day!!

Exercise: Awake at 4:30am and out the door by 5:00. We were then on the trail, from the gate on the road that we thought would be open (hence adding 10km round trip to our goal) with the destination of Mt. Shokanbetsu as our goal by 8:30. 8 hours later, we returned to the cars and all 8 people in our group were completely exhausted. We spent at least 7 hours of those 8 hours climbing, walking or traversing with maybe 30 minutes of actually skiing downhill. I calculated I burned about 4,800 calories yesterday on that climb. When I stepped on the scale at the onsen (much needed hot springs) afterwards, I was 1kg lighter than any weight I've been in the last 20+ years. I'll share my results just the same: Calories consumed: 4208 (a lot? Yes, but I could've eaten and drank much more! And I chose mostly fairly healthy carb/protein food for the climb and protein based, for recovery, food afterwards) DQS: 18 (hard to get a high number with the food intake on a day like yesterday)., back to a normal work week and then some longer weekends as Golden Week approaches. Have a great one!!

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