Friday, May 4, 2012

Attacking Asahidake!! 旭岳アタック!

Exercise: Yesterday, Thursday the 3rd of May, I met up with a group of about 12 cyclists and we rode up to the Taisetsuzan National Park. We first stopped at the natural spring (gensui), filled our water bottles, took a few group pictures and then said farewell to half the group as they didn't have the time or energy to climb up to the the Asahidake Ropeway (tram/cable car). That left 6 of us with one rider turning around halfway. I started out strong and lead up the first steep kilometer of the climb. After 3km, I was by myself with about 300 meters between 3 of the riders behind. Gradually, it became just one rider, a very fit triathlete mind you, that was chasing me up the hill. I'd look back at every corner (about every 400-500m) and he'd be 250~300 meters behind. I kept having images of a scene from Monty Python's, The Holy Grail, whenever I looked back and saw him continuing to charge up the mountain road. The scene was where Sir Lancelot is seen running to a castle from afar about 6 times before he suddenly is upon them and attacks the guards who thought he was still very far away. Anyway, the scene is funny and the thought of it, as well as seeing Kojima-San in my rear view window the entire way up, really pushed me to have my best climb of Asahidake to date. From the gate of the park to the top, it took me about 48 minutes. I hope to cut that down to about 43 by June 17th when we have The Sea to Summit here. Summary of yesterday: Exercise: 145 total minutes (60km) Calories consumed: 2,997 DQS: 23

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