Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Binge

Monday the 14th of May I had a feeling I'd eat too much for dinner (birthday party for two local English teachers) so I biked hard to work (19km) and then took a longer bike ride(23km) with more hills on my way home. However, I still ate way too much pizza and then two small pieces of homemade (Una and Stacey made) cake. I ate less than the other guys at the table, but it was much more than I was used to and my stomach was upset for a few hours after. I ended up getting up early today, Tuesday, and going for a fast/hard bike ride (39km in 76 minutes)) around Chubetsu Lake and Hanakagura Onsen. It's my favorite loop ride and I feel so much better about all that pizza and cake now.... Exercise (not including today's loop ride for that will be on tomorrow's update: 42km cycling in about 1 hour 40 minutes. Calories consumed: 3576 (about 1,500 in pizza and cake alone). DQS 19 (would've been about 23 if I didn't eat the cake and have maybe 2 pieces of pizza too many)

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