Monday, May 7, 2012

Final 3 Days of GW

Friday, May 4th Exercise: 0, unless you call 2.5 hours of gardening exercise. My fitness app says I burned 869 calories. ;) Calories consumed: 2484 DQS: 21 Saturday, May 5th Exercise: 54 minutes of cycling to/from the dam to run stairs. 62 minutes of stairs (up/down). Calories consumed: 2475 DQS: 27 (ate very healthy/smart this day) Sunday, May 6th Exercise: 220 minutes (100km) of riding hard, hills and against the wind with Taro-kun. I was exhausted!! Calories consumed: 3694 (yep, 5~6 whole wheat, oatmeal, walnut and carob cookies took me way to high here) DQS: 23

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