Thursday, May 3, 2012

Golden Week Break

This year, there were two days in the middle of "Golden Week" where most of the country had to go back to work. With 3 days off, 2 days on and then 4 days off again, it's almost like a reverse week. I could get used to this! ;) Without further ado, here are my numbers for the last two days: Tuesday: Exercise: 0. I was just dragging this day with very little energy. So, I listened to my body and rested. Calories consumed: 2307 DQS: 21 Wednesday: Exercise: 72 minute FAST bike ride around Lake Chubetsu. It's a 38.25km ride and my previous best time was almost 76 minutes. It's a beautiful ride with hills, little traffic and a ton of amazing scenery (mountains, rivers, lake, wild animals, etc). My favorite part is that's it a loop ride which means I NEVER cross the same place once....until I get home! Oh, this was on the new bike so that's surely another reason I had such a fast time. ;) Calories consumed: 2932 (620 extra calories were pretzels for sodium and a bean bread before the ride for a Carbo boost) DQS: 23 (good) Thursday: About to go on another ride up Asahidake with some cycling friends, but wanted to give a weight update. Down about 0.5kg this week from last. Good progress. I believe with all these intense training rides, climbs, etc. that I'll lose weight faster. I hope to be down another 1.5kg's by May 24th (3 weeks) so 0.5kg/week would be perfect! ;)

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