Monday, May 21, 2012

Good, Fun & Productive Weekend!

What a great weekend! On Saturday, Maiko and I planted grass seed in the yard and then drove to Kanayama Lake so I could practice kayaking with my friend, Sean. After a few hours of kayaking, we enjoyed some Doxon Curry in Furano before heading back to Square One. On Sunday morning, Toby raced up to Asahidake Ropeway with 15 other cyclists and got his best time by over 5 minutes (and 9 minutes faster than last year). Afterwards, 5 friends came to Square One to play some cards and have a BBQ. It was a fantastic weekend! Exercise: Saturday - 5 hours of gardening and 2.5 hours of kayaking. Sunday - 2.5 hours (60km) of cycling. Calories consumed: 2074 on Saturday and 2325 on Sunday. DQS: 15 on Saturday and 19 on Sunday.

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