Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hard Training Day & TGIF Rest Day

After Wednesday's stair climbing, my calves and hamstring muscles were very tired and sore. The impact of descending so many stairs paid a price. Fortunately, I could still ride and swim so: Thursday, February 10th Exercise: 20km morning ride to work in 38 minutes. 59km long ride home with big hills in 2 hours 20 minutes. 60 minute (1,700m) swim session. Total exercise time: 4 hours. Calories consumed: 3,010 (nothing compared to what I burned off with 4 hours of exercise) DQS: 25 TGIF, May 11th Exercise: Rest Day - much needed, too. My calves were really sore this day!! Calories consumed 3423 (the day after a big day of exercise is proving to be the hardest) DQS: 22

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b.m.t. said...

Granted, almost 800 calories were from the small bag of pistachios and is what mainly gave me such an inflated calorie score on Friday. Take away that and the two beers I had at dinner and I'd be under my daily limit. Both were necessary and "healthy" for a Friday. Here's a link for info on the health beni's of pistachio's:

Also, on Thursday I checked my weight again. Down another 0.4kg since the week prior. As long as I don't eat pistachio's with beer everyday, I'm sure I'll keep the weight numbers heading downward. ;)