Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Last Hard Ride & Ferry Time!

On Thursday morning, I rode my favorite 38km loop ride (SQ1-Chubetsu Lake-Hanakagura Onsen-SQ1) in 76 minutes. Not my best time, but not my worst, either. I then left for Otaru in the afternoon where I caught the 11:30pm ferry to Maizuru. Thursday, May 24th Exercise: See above Calories and DQS Data: On hold until after the race on Sunday. Under control, just not counting the next few days. Weight: Down another 0.4kg this week. Friday, May 25th: Exercise: 15 minutes of stair climbing on the ferry at 7am. Been practicing getting up the last 3 mornings at 4am since that's the time I'll get up on Sunday, race day. By the way, the next update will come after the race. See you later....

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