Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post GW Hump Day

After so many days off, this week is proving to be a long one. "Hump Day" (Wednesday) is behind us now, but I need to update my data. Exercise: 91 minutes of stair climbing at Chubetsu Dam (plus 1 hour of gardening). 13 sets of stairs was 520 meters elevation of climbing (same on the descent) which is 1,700ft. I'm going to do almost 25 sets to match what I'll have in Shimane on the 27th, BUT the down part is the really killer part on the knee... Calories consumed: 2632* DQS: 24 I probably shouldn't have had seconds of my Neighbor's delicious Hayashi Rice, but it was both toooooo good to pass up and I didn't want to insult the cook. The good news is that I earned it with those stairs beforehand! :)

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