Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unfortunately, Cookies Are Cookies!

Monday, May 7th Exercise: 0 again unless an hour of gardening after work counts. My legs were screaming at me to take a rest day after Sunday's ride with Taro so I was happy to oblige. Calories consumed: 2583* DQS: 18* *Cookies are cookies indeed. As mentioned in the previous post, I made some whole wheat, oatmeal and carob chip cookies for Maiko who was craving something sweet. These cookies had very little bad ingredients (a little butter, olive oil and brown sugar only), but the calories add up when you eat more than just one. Today, I had 4 more so my calorie numbers were high and my DQS was low because of it. If I make these in the future, I need to do what I usually do and take them to the neighbors do their kids can enjoy a semi-healthy cookie! Next time for sure!!

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