Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm back!

Ok! Getting back on a routine here. Going forward, I'll just post on Thursday or Friday and re-cap my training updates. I'll start to post other, more interesting and fun, updates in-between. ;) To update what's happened in the last 3~4 weeks: At the Daisen "Sea to Summit", I placed 3rd. It was a beautiful, but very challenging event. You can see pictures and the final results here: At Asahidake's "Sea to Summit" last weekend, I defended my 1st place finish with a total time that was 22 minutes faster than last year. In the pool, I can now swim 1,000 meters without stopping. That is probably the biggest accomplishment of the 3 for me. ;) In short, I'm healthy and the results are showing it. I still have bigger goals, tho, and it all starts with better dieting and more exercise. Ganbarimasu....

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